Get involved

Get involved

Getting active in your local party is a great way to:

  • Meet other Labour Party members
  • Bring new ideas and enthusiasm to your local party
  • Make your voice heard in shaping the direction of the party
  • Organise local campaigns and get Labour’s message out to your local community
  • Help Labour win the next general election!

What can I do to get involved with the party?

Register to vote!

Ensure that you're electoral register so you can vote in elections or referendums. You can register to vote here. It usually takes about 5 minutes.

Join the Labour Party

As a Labour member, you’ll be a key part of our diverse movement of over half a million people, dedicated to delivering social justice and equality. You’ll also have a say in our policy and have the opportunity to vote in internal elections.

Become a Labour Party member

Already joined? Visit the New Members Hub

Join a trade union

Joining a union is affordable and easy, and the benefits are huge.

Unions help workers come together, demand a better deal from their employers, and raise standards for all of us.

Unions are the reason we all enjoy paid holiday, maternity leave, and lunch breaks. They’ll offer you free legal advice if you need it, training and learning opportunities, and even discounts and offers.

Find the right union for you

Go to a branch meeting

Your local branch is your first port of call for getting involved. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7pm. Due to Covid-19, we're currently meeting via Zoom. Our branch secretary will email you with the details for these virtual meetings.

Below are the upcoming meeting dates for the next few months.

Our AGM will be taking place via Zoom on 9 February 2021.

Tuesday8 December 20207pm
Tuesday12 January 20217pm
Tuesday9 February 20217pm
Tuesday9 March 20217pm
Tuesday13 April 20217pm
Tuesday11 May 20217pm

Submit and vote for motions

Any member who lives in the branch can submit and vote on motions. If it passes it will go to the next CLP meeting. If your CLP votes for the motion it will either go to the Local Campaign Forum or to Labour’s National Policy Forum.

Interesting in writing a motion? Find out how to do it

Share your skills

Are you a great photographer, writer or designer? Contact us to let us know how you’d like to help at

Become a CLP delegate

Get elected as a representative of your branch, and be able to vote in the General Committee meetings of the CLP. This entitles you to a say in the decision-making process:

  • At the Annual General meeting you will elect positions to the Executive Committee, which runs the CLP - including Chair, Secretary, Campaigns Officer, Youth Officer, Women's Officer and more.
  • Vote on motions which branches have passed
  • Elect delegates to Labour's regional and national conferences, and to other bodies and forums

Become an officer

As an officer you will be part of the Executive Committee of your branch or CLP.

  • You will be able to help build up your local party, shape local campaigns and help Labour to win the next election!
  • You could be a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.
  • There are also other potential roles, including: Social Secretary, Youth, Women's or BAME Officers and a Campaigns Officer.
  • Half of the principal officers must be women.

Learn more about the officer roles

How can I campaign locally?

How can I campaign locally?

Door-knocking, phone-banking and stalls

Labour members spend a lot of time knocking on doors and ringing up local people to ask them about what issues affect them and how Labour could help. This is a great way to reach out to your local community and to build support for Labour's policies, which is crucial to winning the next general election.

Get in touch to volunteer

Door Knocking
  • Face to face contact with voters is extremely valuable
  • It’s important that the Labour Party is visible and active within the community
  • By being out and speaking to people on the doors, we have a much greater chance of picking up on issues that local people care about
  • Whilst on the doorstep we are also able to pick up voter ID information
Community Campaigning
  • It’s important that we’re out listening to our communities and building relationships with them
  • Door knocking, organising local events and running community campaigns are brilliant ways to campaign locally
Phone canvassing
  • Similar to door knocking, but voter contact is over the phone instead of on the doorstep
  • We are able to use the Party’s new tool, Dialogue
  • Leaflets are produced centrally by the CLP or by the national/regional party
  • They’re an effective way of delivering the Labour Party’s key messages to a large group of voters, or to target groups of voters
  • The time to grab the reader’s attention is short. Sometimes leaflets are delivered door to door and other times we use a more targeted approach
Digital Campaigning
  • Digital Campaigning involves using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to deliver Labour’s key messages
  • This can be done by paying for advertising through promote or though people sharing posts organically
  • Digital campaigning may include videos and photos
High Visibility Campaigning
  • High visibility campaigning is a fantastic way to be visible in the community, speak to large amounts of people, is great fun and can make an excellent local news story
  • Street stalls, which often involve setting up a table with lots of leaflets, petitions and a loud speaker can be a great way of campaigning
  • Rallies, which often is centre around a campaign issue or a high profile speaker, can be useful too