Role descriptions

Role descriptions

As well as attending events, campaigning and supporting Labour, there are roles you can hold to represent the Labour Party in Bishop’s Ward.

Our Branch Labour Party (BLP) is managed by the members who elect officers to administer the BLP. Additional co-ordinator roles depend on local needs. Roleholders form the Executive Committee which puts into effect the decisions of members, co-ordinate local action and report back to all members.

All roles will be up for election on 9 February 2021, at our next Annual General Meeting (AGM).


ChairFacilitates meetings, decisions and ensures the local party operates fairly and openly by ensuring everyone is listened to and has their say.More info
SecretarySupports meetings with agendas and minutes, and acts as contact point for correspondence.More info
TreasurerTakes charge of the local party’s finances, and helps the local party build the financial resources to run effective campaigns by setting budgets and fundraising targets.More info
Vice-ChairStands in when the Chair is not available and helps the other officers make sure everything gets done.More info
Women's OfficerRepresents women members and ensures the local party engages with women voters.More info

At least half of the principal officers must be women.

There are also other potential roles, including:

Membership SecretaryLeads on engagement and retention ensuring the local party grows, and members feel valued, are up to date on how they can get involved and get as much as they can out of their membership.More info
Policy OfficerLeads policy making process and encourages members to help develop Labour Party policy.More info
BAME OfficerRepresents BAME members and ensures the local party engages with Black Asian and Ethnic Minority voters.More info
LGBT+ OfficerRepresents LGBT members and ensures the local party engages with LGBT voters.More info
Disability OfficerRepresents disabled members and ensures the local party engages with disabled voters.More info
Youth OfficerRepresents young members and makes sure the local party engages with young voters.More info
Trade Union Liaison OfficerStrengthens the link between affiliated trade unions and the local party.More info
Political Education OfficerOrganises and facilitates regular political education events and discussions.More info
Communications and Social Media OfficerWorks on the branch's communications strategy, to increase the local party’s profile and campaigns in the local press. Co-ordinates a presence online and helps run digital channels.More info
Campaign Co-ordinatorLeads on the planning and delivery of branch-based campaigning.More info
Community Involvement Co-ordinatorHelps develop relationships between the local party and community, identify key issues, and work with community leaders and local people to develop and lead winnable campaigns.More info
Social SecretaryOrganises local social events for members of the branch. Has a crucial role of ensuring all social events are inclusive - with a friendly, welcoming environment.

Become a CLP delegate

Get elected as a representative of your branch, and be able to vote in the General Committee meetings of Vauxhall CLP. This entitles you to a say in the decision-making process:

  • At the Annual General meeting you will elect positions to the Executive Committee, which runs the CLP - including Chair, Secretary, Campaigns Officer, Youth Officer, Women's Officer and more.
  • Vote on motions which branches have passed
  • Elect delegates to Labour's regional and national conferences, and to other bodies and forums