Your branch

Your branch

How it all works

The structure of the Labour Party mirrors the electoral map of the UK. The smallest unit is the ward which are represented by our three local councillors. Together, a number of wards combine to form constituencies for the purposes of national elections and boroughs who manage local government. The Labour Party has groups and forums that support all of these levels.

Branch Labour Party (BLP)

Branch Labour Party (BLP)

Branch Labour Parties (BLPs) can send motions to and have representation at Constituency Labour Party (CLP) meetings.

Our branch is a sub-grouping of the Vauxhall Constituency Labour Party, made up of members who live in Bishop's ward. The area we cover is shown on the map.

What happens at Branch Labour Party meetings?

Branches discuss political issues; plan local campaigning activities; send motions to the CLP meetings; nominate officers for the CLP; select local council candidates and participate in trigger ballots for sitting MPs.

Every member is welcome (and encouraged!) to attend branch meetings.

When does the branch meet?

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month. Due to Covid-19, we're currently meeting via Zoom. Our branch secretary will email you with the details for these virtual meetings.

Below are the upcoming meeting dates for the next few months.

Our AGM will be taking place via Zoom on 9 February 2021.

Tuesday8 December 20207pm
Tuesday12 January 20217pm
Tuesday9 February 20217pm
Tuesday9 March 20217pm
Tuesday13 April 20217pm
Tuesday11 May 20217pm

If you prefer not to join the meetings, there are still countless ways you can help: by coming out canvassing on the doorsteps with us, manning street stalls, helping out at fundraising events, taking part in phone banks, delivering leaflets in your local area, or just by spending an afternoon stuffing envelopes.

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Who are the officers of our branch?

The branch is run by an executive committee, elected by an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the branch, which usually takes place in November. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the AGM will now be taking place on 9 February 2021.
PositionRoleCurrent holder
ChairTo chair meetings and provide leadership to the officer team and the branchIvor Dembina
Vice ChairActs in absence of the Chair and supports other officers in their workTom Williams
SecretarySpokesperson for the party, and ensures the smooth running of the branch by setting meeting agendas, and manages communication with members and external bodies Alan Morton-Smith
TreasurerManages the finances for the branch, ensuring that we have the required resourcesDiane Sempare
Membership SecretaryLeads membership development activityJenny O'Neill

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Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

CLPs are based on the electoral district for the MP - in our case, Vauxhall. Vauxhall CLP operates a General Committee (GC) structure. This means that all members can attend, but only elected delegates can vote. Delegates are elected from Labour Party branches, affiliated trade union branches and socialist societies.

What happens at Constituency Labour Party meetings?

CLP meetings discuss political issues; plan local campaigning activities; send motions and delegates to Labour Party Conference; elect officers and establish an Executive Committee to oversee the day-to-day business of the constituency. Our CLP also organises hustings during candidate selections for our MP and London Assembly Member.

When does the CLP meet?

Vauxhall CLP normally meets on the last Thursday of every month. Due to Covid-19, the usual in-person meetings have been suspended. They're having Zoom meetings instead - the CLP secretary will send out the details via email.

Who are the officers of Vauxhall CLP?

Vauxhall CLP has a set of executive officers:

The CLP is run by an executive committee, elected by an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the constituency party delegates, which will take place in February 2021.
PositionCurrent holder
ChairSimon Lydiard
SecretaryMartin Bailey
TreasurerTony Halmos
Vice Chair (Membership)Hannah O’Rourke
Vice Chair (Campaigns)Joe Dharampal-Hornby
Youth OfficerJasmin Beckett
Women’s OfficerVaila McClure
BAME OfficerTina Valcarcel
LGBT OfficerJordan Cooper
Disability OfficerFran Springfield
Community Engagement OfficerJen Mills
Fundraising OfficerPete Apps
Trade Union Liaison OfficerJohn Stuttle and Jackie Lewis (job share)

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